Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hidden Treasure

A new "Home Goods" opened up less than a mile away from our house a couple of years ago.  If anyone reading this has ever had the opportunity to tread the shiny woodish floors laid out in one of these amazing stores I'm sure you can attest and agree that it can be downright dangerous to live almost within stone's throw of one.

They really should hang a big "BEWARE" sign posted in large font on the burnt-orange metal framed shiny glass enclosure.

"BEWARE"  this store can make you dizzy.

I get so dizzy in there.  My head spins and I cannot concentrate  because there is SO much to take in.

I am overwhelmed.

I walk in and my dilated pupils try to focus.  My heart starts to pound and then it happens...

Flashes of black dart in front of my eyes.  I close them and take a deep breath.  Slowly....carefully....calmly I lift open my lids and try to focus.


I feel my blood pressure increase slightly.

I am not kidding around.  I am totally serious.  I get so darned excited when I step inside.

What will I find?

What hidden treasure is waiting for me today?

It could be as simple as a candle or a cake-stand.

Or as grand as a chaise or chest of drawers.

Deep breath.


Slowly I browse.  Aisle by aisle.

Heart fluttering and all, I stop and pick up each possible purchase, examine thoroughly (mama taught me well) and then look at price tag (most important part, mama, I know).

Either I return it to shelf or place in cart with countless ideas floating in my head of what I can do with this or that.

Where will this new item fit in my house to make it more of a home?

My mama had a deep heart for making her house a home and I have inherited that passion.

Even though she was always EXTREMELY frugal... she was always EXTRAORDINARILY creative as well.

Even though I am still embarrassed of  her trash-picking Jenny Lind beds in our sweet Astro-mini van back in the 80's....(thank God for tinted windows).

I digress...

Back to the store...

Heart fluttering.

Head spinning.

Does this excitement, this emotion flood my being when I reach for that precious already owned book on my shelf at home?

Does my heart pound when I gaze upon the leather-bound, gold-trimmed pages?

What treasures lie inside?

What life-changing, house made home waiting information is scribed upon each God-breathed page?

What words of wisdom are waiting to work their way into my wayfaring heart?

I have tread upon these floors before and I have to warn you:

"BEWARE"...may cause dizziness or blurred-vision and simple or grand hidden-treasure will be waiting.  


Meg said...

You are so cute Emily! I L!O!V!E! Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby too for that matter, and one can't forget about TJ Maxx....

Emily said...

Oh don't even get me started on T.J.'s...we'll save that for another day, lol!! Thanks for reading Meg! :)