Saturday, April 3, 2010

His Rescue

On this Easter weekend I have been reminded that Christ who is my complete pardon and access to the Father died on a cross to allow me and all of creation a chance to completely die to ALL of my sin!! Through his resurrection I have been rescued and made ALIVE in him. He came so that I might have life and have it more ABUNDANTLY!! His grace is unfathomable and the freedom that I have in my precious redeeming Savior is what I cling to.

I will never ever be good enough on my own, how thankful I am for God's amazing grace!!

When the enemy throws guilt in my face-I think of my one true love's blood soaked face from the razor sharp thorn of crowns that he wore.

And he did it...all for me.

When the proud and arrogant scoff at me-I think of the rowdy crowd mocking him, insulting and degrading him.

And he did it...all for me.

When shame and embarrassment engulf me-I think of his stripped-down body that was whipped and ripped apart.

And he let them do it...all for me.

When this thorn in my side attacks my life-I think of the knife that was jabbed into his side slowly shutting down each of his vital organs.

And he let them do it...all for me.

When shouts of anger spew from my tongue-I think of a whisper uttered from his lips, "It is finished".

And he said it...all for me.

He denied the grave, victoriously he rose again to allow me complete freedom from anything that would separate me from my Heavenly Father.

Once again I will shout,
How thankful I am for God's amazing grace!!! Without Jesus and his ransom that he paid for my very soul I would and will NEVER EVER be good enough!!

Now that's something to talk about!!!