Monday, March 2, 2009

Say What You Think!

We're going to the JOE! ...That is the Joe Louis Arena. Jonah's hockey team made it to the Championship game. They won the semi-final game on Saturday. We all were so proud and excited! Jonah got the first goal and ended up getting the game puck. Afterwards in the locker room he was so excited that he could hardly contain himself. He stood up on the bench and asked for everybody's attention so he could make an announcement. (This isn't unusual for my Jonah, he is always announcing something in the locker room) He said something along the lines of how he was the number one player of the game and let everyone know who numbers two and three were as well. One of the other little boys on the team told me that Coach Joe (otherwise known as my hubby) told him to be quiet and sit down.

Tonight was Micah's first hockey game. He has played scrimmages before and been practicing all year, but this was the first game against another team. He was born in '03, so he will be considered a mini-mite this spring. They only play on half of the ice and three on three. Micah was tearing it up out there tonight! He got 8 goals and one assist, and played goalie for two of the shifts in between all of that! Jonah was screaming in the stands,

"Oh my gosh, he got two hat tricks, OH MY GOSH!"

Micah comes off of the ice, after and lets me know immediately and extremely loudly,


Oh let me tell you, I was shushing him all the way to the locker room. I whispered in his ear,

"SHH! I know you did really good, but the other kids did really good too!"

"But mom, you tell me I'm the star when we're at home. Daddy and you tell me I'm the best!"

"I know, but you shouldn't say it in front of the other kids!"

And, so, that's where I'm at tonight, TORN. How do I encourage my kids and build up their self-esteem, yet teach them humility all at the same time without confusing their little 5 and 8 year old minds? (and how do I get it through their heads to STOP BRAGGING??) Kids, at least my kids, are so honest. They are just "out there" with their feelings and really don't always understand how to take others' feelings into account. I guess I could really learn a little something from them because I worry too much about what other people think. ...But I know there is a happy-medium somewhere. (I just don't want my kids to be THAT KID that nobody wanted to be around or play with because he or she was such a bragging brat!)

Guess I'll just have to "let go and let God".

*I know that I have written before about how sweet and compassionate Jonah is, and HE IS! He is extremely aware of other children's feelings, most of the time. That being said, he unfortunately has inherited his mother's "speak before you think" problem. ...and Micah, well he's 5, need I say more?

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