Friday, March 6, 2009

Hockey, Hockey!

Two hockey posts in a row. I just had to share these pictures. We had the Mother/Mite game last Saturday also and even though the long blond hair may resemble me, I hope you can tell that is Joe dressed up to help the moms win against the boys. It was so cute! And as you can see, my mom played for me. Jonah thought it was the coolest thing to have his grandma playing against him. The boys still won by many goals even though we made them play with their sticks upside down, mini-sticks, brooms, even and even huge dog bones at one point. We all had a riot and if you have to know why I did not participate, well hockey is definitely not my forte and my competitive mom was just waiting on the sidelines to step in. She used to joke around with Joey about how if she played hockey her whole life like him, she could beat him! Ha Ha!! Needless to say we had a blast!
...and Grandma scored!! Of course she would!

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