Saturday, October 19, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Laundry

Laundry and I , we don't go together too well...I mean AT ALL!! Really there isn't something out there that I loathe more than dirty clothes that need cleaned, or clean ones for that matter that need folded and put away.  How I long for a tidy laundry room with empty baskets and clear floors.  But in all reality that just isn't going to happen in my lifetime, like EVER!  So I have embraced the fact that the piles will remain, most of the time un-seperated and towering high.  And as I confess this awful secret that hides behind a tightly closed door...I can't help but think about the dirty little secrets of our lives that hide behind these doors.  Whatever may be locked up tight and tucked away...we all have them.  And I know that I wouldn't want my dirty laundry being aired out to a judging audience that's for sure!  Instead, whether it be literally or I long to surround myself with those who understand and can relate to the Mount Everest piling high in my small grayish blue painted room or on the folds of my heart that hold my soul.  What I don't yearn for are pointing fingers at my clothes or my confessions.  I long for a place where my dirty laundry can be aired and encouragement may be whispered instead of judgement pointed.  Tonight that is my prayer...To clean up with support that I can totally confide in without chastisement but with love....

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Tina said...

Oh, dear friend. How we long for grace and mercy in our relationships, don't we? Criticism and judgment are rampant. Satan loves it when we point out imperfections in others because it takes our eyes off our own flaws for a moment.

You are loved by God, chosen and redeemed. You wear new clothes because of the work of the cross. Whatever you feel the need to hide is all under the blood, as my pastor says, and the devil is under your feet. Remember that, whether you feel the critical eye of another or hear the negative voices in the dark.

You are worthy.