Friday, November 11, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Unexpected

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I am a planner.  I planned each one of my three pregnancies.  I plan our family vacation every year.  I like to know the plan and not be blind-sided however, some of the best times in life are often those that are unanticipated, unplanned and UNEXPECTED.

Whether it be the breath being taken from my lungs as a dramatic sunrise canvases my front window or a simple smile curled on the lips of one of those three cherished beings who call me mama.

It could be an UNEXPECTED win with 22 seconds left in a Pee Wee travel hockey game where 2 amazing goals are scored shorthanded (because of a penalty) and the other team has pulled their goalie making the competition 6 on 4 and two different players break out and score, back to back and we hold them bringing on a  VICTORY!!

Mundane routines sprinkled with UNEXPECTED events often confirm and remind me that this peace that passes all understanding is actively alive and working in all circumstances.

It could be as simple as hearing my girl sing her heart out and taking me somewhere over the rainbow at 6:30 am after she crawled and sprawled her way into my bed taking what little is left of my imagination far above the chimney tops...I totally did not EXPECT to go to the land of Oz so early this morning, but I sure am glad that I did!!

I love these UNEXPECTED moments!!



Kateri said...

Those little unexpected moments of beauty add so much to our lives!

Anonymous said...

Wow it's like you added glitter to your life with the unexpected.
enjoyed reading this!