Saturday, October 22, 2011

BEYOND: Five Minute Friday

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"To infinity and BEYOND!"  my boys used to yell these words with their sweet little toddler voices dressed up in their buzz lightyear costumes.  And now I think of that same phrase every single time I tell each one of my three children that I love them..."How much?" they ask..."To infinity and beyond!"  I answer...

BEYOND....The BEYOND...the unknown...

I think of the Holy Trinity and how understanding of it is BEYOND my human capabilities, Father, Son and Holy Spirit...three separate persons yet one in the same...I also think of eternity or the idea that God was here forever before He breathed life into existence.  It is all just BEYOND my understanding...

What gives me hope is that my God, who was and always has been and always will the definition of wisdom in it's truest and purest form and with that being said He understands and knows EVERYTHING BEYOND a resonable doubt because He has spoken it into existense in the first place.

He knows intricately each detail His paintbrush strokes because He is the artist...and even though the masterpiece is BEYOND my understanding....because I haven't been allowed to take in the whole big picture...I know that He is the most brilliant painter that ever was or ever will be....BEYOND a reasonable doubt...

And one day when I have the chance to step back and steal a glimpse of the whole mural I will be blown away, 'To infinity and BEYOND!!!"


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Patty Ann said...

I love the way you used something so simple and so real to show how you feel. Thank you for sharing.