Monday, March 9, 2015


Every once in a while our batteries run down and we robotically face the day at a low voltage.  The mundane is just that and daily routine wears us thin...Cold Michigan winter doesn't help...neither does lack of sunshine which really does turn people into the 'Walking Dead', no joke.  And this is just how I have been feeling.  Numb, wordless, my soul has been hibernating away bearing the frigidness in the air.  The season hasn't been a total loss, there have been moments...but being honest, there has been an overall slightly apathetic haze that has fogged up my writing.  There really isn't any excuse except looking back now I needed a recharge.  Some jumper cables if you will to shock me a bit, rev things up, stir up this pot.

And this past weekend was just that.  We had an amazing conference at our church #missionhome2015...I was inspired, challenged, rejuvenated and motivated.  But mostly I am filled up with the best food for the soul that there is, the bread for my life, the word of God.   And as uncomplicated and simple as this is, the two things that Joe and I took away from the whole weekend was that we need to read the bible more and worship our God together as a family.  Simple but sometimes forgotten.  Life gets busy and we forget what is important.  We believe that the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever and we are praying to make some progress in these areas. 

We started last night, lighting our Lenten Wreath and sitting down together as a family for dinner...It started out great.  I captured an authentically content moment...

And minutes later we had to repeatedly warn one of the kids to "knock it off...or else..."  We tried to sing after dinner and silly/borderline blasphemous kids chimed in...It wasn't easy and most definitely not picture perfect as my patience quickly melted.  But it was a start.  And we will try again...And thankfully God in all of His abundant grace and mercy will give us strength to endure.  We will baby step our way if we have to.  Not for the sake of looking like a good moral family...not for the applause of others...and definitely not so our kids will think we are cool (because that's just never gonna happen:)) but all for the honor of the King of our lives.  Because of this I am certain..."He who began a good work in us [you] will carry it on to completion..." (Phil 1:6)  

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That Loud Redhead said...

"And thankfully God in all of His abundant grace and mercy will give us strength to endure"

Amen!! Hope you have both recharged and warmed up this week. :)