Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beautiful Noise

The full and florescent white moon ball beams in the front window and the house is finally quiet.

Just a little while ago these wooden floors were echoing loud with activity.  He tells me that we surely must have the loudest house in the city and we both crack up because we know it's probably true.  Jonah blows out his notes into his trumpet and I pluck on the piano.  Micah and Ayla argue over what channel to watch as the television blares in the background.  His speaker phone is playing elevator music as he waits for his work's help desk to iron out computer problems.

My day was filled with busy noise.  The boys had a half day of school for parent teacher conferences.  Ayla and I had piano.  The boys had dentist appointments.  It was quite the juggling act, I may be recruited for the circus if  I don't watch out!

And now their little heads are cushioned with soft pillows and their eyes are fluttering as they enter into dreamworld.  The noise is muted for a few cherished hours. I smile to myself as I breathe in the silence.  A low hum of the gas fireplace and the tapping of the keys is all I can hear.   I relish in the solitude and contentment of this very monment and refuse to allow the regrets of the day to creep in.  I inhale the air full into my lungs and instead allow my savior to push out any guilt lurking in the dark corners of my soul.  The day is done and tomorrow the sun will radiate it's light upon a brand new canvas waiting to be filled with all kinds of beautiful noise.


Meg said...

Love your heart Em. You are a beauty from deep within the depths of your soul.

Emily said...

Thank you sweet Meg! You are a blessing!