Sunday, January 8, 2012


I always love the beginning of a new year. 
 Fresh starts and clean slates are always associated with January 1st.
And now the second week of 2012 is here and the old is creeping up on the new.
The same old cravings are still lurking in corners.
Morning smiles have slowly faded into rushed mundane routines.

But buried underneath all of my constant hangups....laying down deep right next to that anger and impatience, resides a sure hope.
A flicker that sometimes requires a bit of unveiling to get to.
And as the layers are painfully peeled back a bit, the strength of hope bursts through.

And the more I try to change and do it all by myself the more I come up short.
Without HIM, I fail every time.
The most important thing for me to do is humble myself before HIM.
Open up my hands and receive this grace under my nose.
And appreciate this gift.
Because all of these gifts in my life are from HIM.
Recognizing this and tracking them help me remember this unmerited favor.
And as I search among the monotonousness of daily routine an undeniable peace saturates the dark corners of my soul.

As I journal these 1000 Gifts
a sense of renewal begins to replace my ingratitude.
I can feel a spiritual awakening that I can't deny.
A heart changing as I pen each gift, small or large.

And my fears, my failures will remain with me but what good news that the slate won't be filled with those.
In counting and gathering these gifts I can't help but be reminded that my slate has been wiped clean.
I can't help but be grateful for a fresh start and a forgiven heart.

Start counting with me here:

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Get Fit and Sweat Trying said...

Definitely looks like a book I'll be reading in the very near future! It is so important to take in all of the goodness every day!
Something as small as holding my kids hands...they're growing so fast! I can't imagine the day when they won't want to do that anymore!