Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quality Time

Seems as though summer has flown by as usual. I've been trying to play catch-up on my days off and have become consumed with getting the laundry done and picking up the house instead of enjoying the beautiful weather and quality time with my precious kiddies. So the last few days I have decided to rebel against an orderly house and just enjoy our time together for the rest of the summer. Last week we went swimming two days in a row and yesterday we took a trip to the zoo. (I lost my camera battery so I had to take pictures on my phone. Hopefully I'll figure out how to load them on the computer.) The temperature was high and filled with humidity so the animals were mostly napping. However the kids still loved it and I have to admit that I did too!

Summer has been good to us. Micah is learning to ride a two wheeler even though he does not want to and reminded me when I made him that it was a free country, you know! We have a short two weeks off between baseball and hockey. Joe and I don't know what to do with ourselves. It's been nice though. The boys have enjoyed fishing with their daddy. As a matter of fact they are going tonight.

All three of my children love spending time with us at this point in their lives. I know it won't always be that way but constantly each one of them is willing and ready to do anything with either Joe or me. Lately Ayla has been wanting to dance with "Prince Charming" otherwise known as "daddy". She begs him to twirl, dip and hold her. When daddy is done she pleads, "more, more!" Micah is pretty self-sufficient but loves to play baseball out back and wants us to pitch to him. Joe is giving guitar lessons to Jonah and the lesson is never ever long enough. I can't remember a time when any of my kids were wanting to stop an activity with me before I do.

As God's child am I that interested in yearning for quality time like that with Him? Do I beg my Heavenly Father to hold me in his arms and keep me there? Or am I too distracted with earthly things that I want Him to let me down? All too often I forget that God is so unlike me as a parent. He never puts a time limit on our encounters. He is constantly there waiting with arms wide open for me to run into. How thankful I am that God is ever faithful to me when I am not to Him. What a good reminder of how I should be more like my children are with me, to my God. And how I should strive to be more like God is with me, to my children.

Forgive me Lord for life's distractions causing my eyes to wander from you. Thank you for never letting me go even when I want to wiggle away. Help me yearn to dwell with you alone. Amen

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